Wooden Sunglasses Inspired By The Rincon Sunsets

Wooden Sunglasses Inspired By The Rincon Sunsets

Wooden Sunglasses Inspired By The Rincon Sunsets

 Have you ever paid a visit or gone on vacation to the small town of Rincon? If you have, then you’ll be very familiar with the beautiful sunsets there. Perhaps, this is why it is popularly referred to as the town of beautiful sunsets.

Rincon is on the west coast of Puerto Rico. Its magnificent twilight colors are one of the things to look forward to when visiting. The exquisite sunsets are second to none, and they are of course, what inspired the Sunsets wooden sunglasses!


Rincon is our Happy Place! 

Rincon may be a small town, but it has a lot of big and great things to offer. It has more than 8 miles of coastline, with secluded and unique beaches.  In addition to the wonderful beaches, Rincon offers a plethora of great places to stay, eat and have fun. 



Rincon is also a great place to meet new people and create new friendships. Rincon’s hip, laidback attitude inspired us to create the Sunsets Wooden Sunglasses. 



Sunsets Wooden Sunglasses have a 100% bamboo frame. This wooden/bamboo frame gives it a natural and unique appearance making them standout where you go.

The colors are a strong representation of the beautiful sunsets of Rincon. 

They are made with a UV400 plastic lens that is mirror-like, anti-reflective and polarized.

The Sunsets Wooden Sunglasses are suitable for both males and females (Unisex).  

These wooden glasses are hand-crafted and eco-friendly.

They come with a microfiber bag and cloth and have an ultra-lightweight Wooden carrying case. This is a great feature because it makes it portable and easy to carry.

Sunsets Wooden Sunglasses - K-OBA Eyewear


The Sunsets have become our top-selling item. Our money-back guarantee and Free Worldwide Shipping make buying a pair virtually risk-free. 

Imagine lying on your beach mat, near these beautiful beaches with the perfect sunset. And then the Sunsets Wooden Sunglasses calmly deeming the brightness of the atmosphere…this is perfection!  


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