5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Wooden Sunglasses

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Wooden Sunglasses

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses have been starting to make a lot of noise in the fashion world. More and more consumers are switching from conventional plastic-framed sunglasses to wooden ones. Whether they change for the style or for environmental reasons, Wooden Sunglasses are without a doubt a growing trend.

Here are our 5 reasons you should buy wooden sunglasses.

1. Wooden sunglasses are Eco-friendly

We all know the horrors of plastics and acetates. Plastics continue to fill out landfills and contaminate our environment. On the other hand, wooden sunglasses are made of sustainable, reusable resources that are much more environmentally friendly. When you purchase a pair of wooden sunglasses at K-OBA Eye Wear, you also give a little back to the community by helping us contribute to conservation organizations throughout Puerto Rico.

2. Wood sunglasses are Strong but also Elegant.

SoFo Wooden Sunglasses by K-OBA Eyewear
SoFo Wooden Sunglasses by K-OBA Eyewear

Wood has a particularity not found in other materials. Wood is versatile and beautiful and looks great on both men and women. Wooden sunglasses are durable, strong but also allow you to look cool without being overdoing it. Not mention that natural wood tones complement pretty much everything.

3. Lots of styles to choose from

Wooden sunglasses come in pretty much every imaginable style. Wanderers, Jackie O’s, Retro and many more, except those awful looking shield glasses.

4. Uniqueness

Your sunglasses must represent your personality, and make sure also that your sunglasses are not boring. Wooden frame sunglasses stand out from the rest, and there are reviews online that show how happy and excited customers are when using this kind of sunglasses. Apart from being unique, it is also very lightweight; however, it can all depend on the thickness of wood which is utilized.

5. They look great

No matter what your style is, whether you’re an avid beachgoer or an awesome soccer mom, wooden sunglasses have something for everyone. The different shades of wood tones will give your wooden sunglasses a custom look that will look good anytime and at any occasion.

Whether its zebrawood, oak our recycled skateboard wood, Semi-rimmed full wooden frame,  you will surely find the right pair of wooden sunglasses at K-OBA Eye Wear.

recycled skateboard wood

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